5 Most Breathtaking Places to Visit in Switzerland

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When we think of a cool destination in scorching summer, the first destination that comes to our mind is Switzerland. It’s no surprise that this beautiful country in Europe filled with deep blue lakes, mountains, natural beauty, fairytale villages and with lots of charm. Switzerland is the most beautiful and breathtaking tourist place in every way. Wondering where to go to Switzerland? We’ve got you covered, Visit these five most breathtaking places in Switzerland for unforgettable Swiss tourism.


Zurich – The largest and most expensive city in Switzerland, Zürich is a beautiful place to visit in Switzerland. Along with cultural heritage and modern life, this city filled with Lakes, churches, magnificent museums, theaters and concert halls. Zürich has everything in store for every traveler. The city is also famous for luxury lifestyle, shopping and fancy chocolates. For an unforgettable vacation experience, a visit to Zurich is must.


Geneva – The Second largest city in Switzerland famous for its freshwater lake Geneva. This city surrounded by France border from all sides and connected to Switzerland only through a lake and a slight stretch of land. One of the major attractions in Switzerland, the world’s tallest water fountain Jet d’eau, is located in Geneva. You will also find the famous Swiss chocolate shops in Geneva. The best time to visit Geneva are from May to June and September to November.



Lucerne – Located in the heart of Switzerland, Lucerne has long been a popular destination for tourists because this town is on the shores of Lake Lucerne and also visible from Mount Pilatus and Rigi in the Swiss Alps. Lucerne is a fairy tale swiss village has a lot to offer from elegant historic buildings, waterfront promenades and a musical time, quite literally! Lucerne is one of the most visited cities in Switzerland because of its rich culture and beautiful places.


Engelberg –Engelberg is an extremely popular winter and summer tourist destination located in central Switzerland offers a variety of holiday activities for families, couples, adventure seekers and leisure travelers. The city is also famous for its century-old Benedictine monastery that still affects on the day by day life of the town. Besides being home to the famous Mt. Titlis, is also well-known as one of the top ski regions of the country. Engelberg town is also renowned for its various Ski and Freeride areas, on the other hand, summers are picture-perfect for hiking, climbing, biking and mountaineering activities.


Interlaken – Interlaken is a beautiful village located between two beautiful lakes Thun and Brienz. This beautiful city packed with the splendid mountain views, dark forests, snow-capped valleys, and various skiing as well as hiking trails. Interlaken offers the perfect opportunity for adventure activities such as Canyoning, white water rafting, and Paragliding. The major tourist attractions are cable cars, chair lifts, and ski lifts and hiking trails.


What are you waiting for, head to Switzerland now and you could be on the doorstep of these unbelievable locations!

Visit Helsinki, Finland!

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Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is home to a variety of historical, cultural, and outdoor attractions to explore. A major portion of Helsinki sits on a granite peninsula located on the north coast of the Gulf of Finland, facing the Baltic Sea. The peninsula has many offshore islands and a plethora of little coves and inlets. Although it’s basically a flat city, it has some significant hills scattered about as well, offering great views of the majestic sea. Helsinki is a great city for hiking or biking. However, it also has a very trusted and far-reaching public transport system.

Let’s take a look at some of the best places to see in this wonderful city –

1 Mannerheimintie
Starting from one end of the city’s Esplanade, the Mannerheimintie Street runs northwest from the Central Railway Station, across from the main post office. The Central Railway Station, which was constructed in 1919, is definitely a must-visit as it is the finest building by renowned architect Eliel Saarinen with a 48-meter-high clock tower. It’s also a great place for people watching. Nearby restaurants are all top quality, although trending toward the expensive. Next to the post office, is the equestrian statue of Marshal Mannerheim, perhaps the most important person in Finnish history. Right behind that is Kiasma, the astounding Museum of Contemporary Art. A walk along Mannerheimintie will take you past many of the main cultural sites mentioned below as well as the Parliament building, numerous shops, and some of the best restaurants in the city. The street also allows access to all the trams and buses that will take you anywhere in the city and even other areas of Finland.

2 Finnish National Museum of Art (Ateneum)
On the south side of Helsinki’s Station Square is the National Museum of Art, usually known as the Ateneum after the name of the impressive Neoclassical building it occupies. The same building also houses the famed Finnish Academy of Art. Designed by Theodor Höijer and completed in 1887, the Ateneum holds Finland’s finest art collection of historic works as well as contemporary art in a gallery of its own. The Finnish section of the museum includes works by A. Edelfelt (1854-1905), E. Järnefelt (1863-1937), P. Halonen (1865-1933), and A. Gallén-Kallela (1865-1935). Among works by foreign masters are Rembrandt’s Monk Reading and Vincent van Gogh’s Street in Auvers-sur-Oise, along with 650 other international works of art. Be sure to check the website as there are a large number of days throughout the year when entry is free.  This museum is one of the favorite places to visit in Europe for my friend at church. He is an entrepreneur who owns BGB Painting and is doing quite well which affords him the opportunity to travel to Europe once a year. 




3 Finnish National Museum
At Mannerheimintie 34 is the National Museum (Kansallismuseo in Finnish). Founded in 1912 in a National Romantic style, the museum is easy to spot when heading north along the street as it is the only building on the left-hand side with a tall spire. The Kansallismuseo contains a comprehensive collection of material on the culture and ethnography of Finland. Of note is the Finno-Ugrian collection with traditional costumes and everyday cultural objects. The prehistoric section is the largest permanent collection of archaeological materials in the country. Various displays also document the development of Finland from the middle ages through the Swedish and Russian empires and into a modern state. The entrance hall is decorated with fabulous ceiling frescoes inspired by the Kalevala, the national myth of Finland. The frescoes were painted by Akseli Gallén-Kallela, perhaps Finland’s best artist. Opposite the National Museum, in a park, is the Municipal Museum.

4 Finlandia Hall

North of the Municipal Museum in Helsinki, on the shores of Töölö Bay (Töölönlahti), is the Finlandia Hall, a concert and convention hall designed by Alvar Aalto and built in 1971 with a white facade of Carrara marble. The marble is also used on the inside of the structure. Details appear in hardwoods and ceramics. The main concert auditorium is a stunning site and is famous for its acoustics. Another standout feature is the wide Venetian staircase that leads from the ground floor to both the main auditorium and chamber music hall. The Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe was signed here in July 1975. To the north of the hall is an excellent park (home to large chess boards and chess pieces), and beyond this again is the new Finnish National Opera House, inaugurated in November 1993 with a performance of the opera “Kullervo” by the Finnish composer Aulis Sallinen. Check the website for frequent updates on events, prices, and openings.


All of Scandanavia is beautiful.  We love to visit Denmark most often, but you must check out Helsinki if you get a chance!

Sightseeing in China

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China is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  It is also the world’s second largest country by land in the world, which covers the area of approximately 9.6 million square kilometres. The place has many attractions that attract its visitors that include Beijing, the city of several dynasties, luxurious royal gardens, Great Wall of China- an iconic symbol – one of the seven wonders and being the longest wall in the world, spectacular imperial palaces, dazzling shopping malls and much more. China is renowned for another element that is authentic Chinese food, and the country also has to its credits, the first country to cultivate and grow tea.

The places that you must visit in the country China are:

1). Macau

Macau is popularly known as ‘ Vegas of China’. Las Vegas in Macau is the world’s top gambling city. Macau at night is known for sight to treasure, the city comes alive at night that includes the stunning bars and clubs where you get the wide range of Portuguese wine and Macau beer at a very reasonable price. A-Ma Temple and the Ruins of St. Paul’s are the testament to the city’s unique heritage.

2). Hong Kong

Hong Kong is ‘the city where the east meets the west’. The city is famous for iconic skyline boasting, the highest number of skyscrapers in the world that are totally backed by lush green parks and gardens. Hong Kong is popularly known for relish traditional Chinese cuisine and western fast food. The most popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong is magical theme park of Disneyland which is known for dream destination of every child. And the other popular landmark of the city is Ocean Park, majestic skyline, serene Lantau Island, Temples and structures such as Man Mo Temple, Po Lin Monastery and Tian Tan Buddha.



3). Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China and one of the most populated cities in the world. Beijing is one of the perfect examples for China tourism that includes sightseeing. The city is known for shopper’s paradise with a number of shopping malls, shopping streets and souvenir shops. Apart from sightseeing, there’s so much to do like sipping various flavours of tea, flying kites, enjoy wide array of local dishes etc.

4). Shanghai

Shanghai is the beautiful and mesmerizing city in China. The Shanghai is the showcase of Shanghai Museum and the China Art Museum, the City God Temple, Jade Buddha Temple, largest collections of Art Deco, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Disneyland Park, Shanghai Oriental Art Centre and various skyscrapers, out of which are amongst the tallest skyscrapers in the world.


Thus if you are planning a holiday that is exotic and packed full of new experiences then China is the best place to go!

Importance of Keeping Up Maintenance on European Cars

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When you drive a high end BMW, you’re behind the wheel of one of the best vehicles on the highway.  They even call it “the ultimate driving machine” for a reason.

You enjoy enhanced driving experiences every time you take your BMW for a spin. Next time you’re out impressing us all, pay attention to your BMW’s performance. Your vehicle will start to “talk” to you if you listen closely. Any early warning signs should be brought to our expert techs as soon as possible. The sooner you perform a thorough diagnostic service, the more reliable your BMW will be.

Owners often delay their BMW’s repairs and maintenance service because of convenience or expense. But, BMW auto repairs are not easy to do by yourself.  Everything from routine oil changes to complex transmission services should be handled by expert techs.


ASE Certified Technicians

Use only ASE Certified technicians that specialize in auto repairs and services for high-end European cars, including your BMW! Every quality BMW repair that you need is should be handled by an ASE certified technician. If not, you may end up on the side of the road calling around for the best towing Mesa has to offer for your BMW.  You’ll want them to set it on the back of the flatbed so they don’t damage your vehicle while towing.

Another reason you don’t want to do maintenance on your BMW by yourself is because of the ease in which you could misdiagnose.  Unnecessary repairs are expensive and time-consuming.  Better to find a repair shop that stands confidently behind BMW repair services, service guarantee of at least 2 years on all repairs.


Things to check

Fluid levels

Belts under the hood

Tire tread


  • Check cooling system
  • Check disc brake pads (front and rear)
  • Check exhaust system
  • Check fuel system
  • Check half-shafts
  • Check lights and controls
  • Check operation of all latches
  • Check parking brake
  • Check power steering fluid
  • Check rear axle fluid
  • Check rear view mirrors
  • Check seat belts
  • Check steering system
  • Check fluid levels
  • Check for seat belts
  • Ai Conditioning
  • Brakes & Shocks/Struts
  • Complete Exhaust Repair
  • Coolant System Flush (every 2-3 years)
  • Electrical Diagnostic and Repair
  • Emissions Failures Repair
  • Engine Repair
  • Parts and Accessories
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Suspension Front/Rear
  • Transmission Rebuild




Istanbul: The beauty of both continents

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Istanbul is one of the nicest countries in the middle east with a huge variety of races and great religious showing. This is expressed when you look at the diversity that are shown when looking at the different types of people. This is shown by how welcoming the country is when you observe the quantities that it provided when looking at the merging between the three main races and the continents.

The population has increased in this settlement since Turkey has been repressed as one of the only countries in the middle east that doesn’t suppress war like most middle-eastern abilities that are provided. The cuisine in the downtown is expressed as one of the best in the world with many exotic stands that are shown to be very great and delicious. They also have many sales representatives that sell many items that can be show as memories that will encourage people to come back and visit.

The religious state is provided as an ability that is suppressed through all religions. This is shown by how many churches and praying centers that are represented through peace and showing. When you look at the definition of religion we see how it refracts the possibility that peace comes to a greater extent. The historical timeline of these prepositions we see how the possibilities of museums and historical gains in judge goings. To this fact we see how popular these showing must have lots of memorabilia that is shown through many historical events. The produce is really great when you look at the local abilities that are provided.

When we look at the farm abilities that are produced we see how middle-eastern countries focus on sales and food. Otherwise when you look at the other countries in the world we see how their part of the world is concluded to their own observation. This is shown by when you look at the impact different countries have on the earth poor or rich. The transportation there is really cheap and efficient because of the bus function which represents the easy travel around the country. This causes lots of migration in prepositions that are expressed through lots of races and clumps of people, which refracts the transportation in fractions that are only shown as fast and cheap methods.

Boat rides are one of the most beautiful things that can be shown in the country of Istanbul because of the waves and falls that are shown through these abilities. This can be judged by looking at the most important abilities that are shown on a daily boat ride. These are known by what food they serve and what prepositions that are concluded. Overall to conclude this we see how Istanbul is a great sightseeing natures that are refracted by the possibilities that are shown. This also shows how great the cultures cuisine is and overall a great middle-eastern event pack preposition.