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A Handy Travel Guide When Visiting Luxembourg

Posted on 16 February 2020 by nimda (0)

Are you planning to tour in Luxembourg? A tour to this wonderful city may require a bit of knowing a couple of interesting things to educate yourself about the country. That is why we have listed important things you need to know about this vibrant city. Here we go!

  1.   The language in Luxembourg is quite diverse. Majority of the people here can speak English, French, and German so if you speak any of these languages, you can easily get around with this country.
  2.   Try to stay at least one night in the city centre. Its old quarters are UNESCO World Heritage site and staying here is truly one of your best memories in Luxembourg.
  3.   Visit Corniche in Luxembourg City to see the most beautiful balcony in Europe with lush landscape and floral displays. It also has the best view of the old part of the city, so might as well take pictures and gather some memories.
  4.   While Luxembourg is mostly rural, you can rent a car and drive around the country. There is less traffic compared to major cities like London. In fact, the best way to truly enjoy this wonderful country is to hit the road with a group.
  5.   Impress yourself with the beautiful castles in Luxembourg.  One of the most impressive one is the Vianden Castle, which is built purposely on a hill. The castles of Luxembourg are actually remnants of the city’s powerful lords and lieges that once ruled the locals. Some of these are the remains of the Middle Age and although very old, these castles have been well-maintained by the government.
  6.   You can cycle around the city. You can rent a bike and wander through iconic buildings. Just make sure you have reflector lights at the front and of your bicycle in case you are still on the road when night falls.
  7.   There is free Wi-Fi in almost every corner of Luxembourg City. So you can take some photos and upload them right away to free up some space on your phone. When you head to the countryside, it is not the same thing so you better take a lot of photos while in the city. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things to see in the countryside so you would rather enjoy the scenery than focus on your Wi-Fi.

Luxembourg is truly an amazing country. We have mentioned that Luxembourg is bordered by France, Germany, and Belgium. A trip to these three countries from Luxembourg would make a perfect EuroTrip. To get the most of your vacation, make sure you don’t come alone to this wonderful country.

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